Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Detroit Lions 2010 Draft

The Lions draft day usually come with high hopes considering 7 out of the last 8 years the Lions have drafted in the top 10. With names like Joey Harrington(3rd overall-Oregon) Charles Rogers(2nd overall Michigan State) Roy Williams(7th overall Texas)Mike Williams(10th overall USC)Ernie Sims (9th overall Florida State)Calvin Johnson(2nd overall Georgia Tech) Matthew Stafford (1st overall Georgia) the only players still left on the roster to this day are Ernie Sims (LB) Calvin Johnson (WR) Matthew Stafford(QB). I am a Lions fan till the end and I hope every year for something good to happen come draft day and to me all that ever happen are mistakes which start at the top. Ownership needs to hire the right people to evaluate talent and make these top ten picks worth the money we are paying them. I like the hire of Jim Schwartz and his staff and I like what they are trying to do, however to me draft day could mean the beginning to a end for him and his staff. The Lions are sitting number 2 with top needs of - CB, DT, DE, OT, WR, RB the top 5 players ranked from Scout INCS are DT- Nebraska - Ndamukong Suh , DT Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma- S - Tennessee -Eric Berry- OT- Rutgers- Anthony Davis- DE South Florida Jason Pierre-Paul. St.Louis at number one will most likely take Suh at number one, then comes Detroit as much as I think the Lions do need help on the defensive line I really like Eric Berry the S out of Tennessee he has been compared to Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. I think the Lions secondary is weak and has been weak for a long time. A player like Berry I think would limit big plays and add some talent in the defensive backfield. If Suh and still there at two the lions might be hard pressed to pass on him yes he is that good a disruptive for in the defensive line. Scouts love this guy as well as the Rams, I don't see the Rams passing on him. With whatever happens on draft day I hope the Lions make a good evaluation on the players in the top ten and take a player that is good enough to have around for a while that will help the Lions become a winning franchise.

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