Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Detroit Tigers Offseason

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I think this has been a somewhat disapointing Offseason for the Tigers. First off trading away Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson may have been a huge mistake. Granderson was everyones Tiger and Jackson was the second best starting pitcher. I hope the young players OF Austin Jackson RHP Max Scherzer are enough to fill the void by Granderson and Jackson. Austin Jackson was one of the top prospects of the Yankees organization and has been a top rated minor league play but the word is still out on him being a succesfull MLB player, Scherzer is known as a hard thrower and went 9-11 last year, not quite like Edwin Jackson. I haven't seen anything or any moves that made them better except signing a CL Jose Valverde who had 25 saves with the Astros last year. Seems like we are so far away from the playoffs considering we have downgraded at important positions.

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