Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Wings playoff hopes

With the Red wings currently in 8Th place in the Western conference and in the final playoff spot one point ahead of Calgary the last 14 games are going to be huge starting off tonight against Calgary on the road. If the Red wings want to make the final playoff spot winning tonight's game is going to be key. With the Red wings pretty much healthy now is the time to start playing Red wings hockey and make a push to secure a playoff spot.

Here are some keys to making that happen- 1. Johon Franzen has come off a injury and has 4 points (4 goals) in 7 games in March. Last year in March in 13 games he had 7 goals and 10 assists for 17 points. The Red wings are sure going to need his presence and leadership to secure a playoff spot in the playoffs. 2. Niklas Kronwall has had a tough season as far as injury goes I think a big part of Detroit's playoff chances hinge on Kronwall being the defensive presence he usually is all season and mostly this time of year. Every year I watch this guy especially in the playoff he is always making a hit of the season in the most opportune time with a tough and physical presence it would go a long way making Detroit a playoff caliber team.

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